Friday, 24 March 2017

Annabelle and puppy love........

Image- Annabelle and puppy love from Tiddly Inks.

Hi everyone!!

It's fab friday over on the Tiddly Inks challenge blog and the Tiddly Inkers have been making you some absolute gorgeousness this week!

My little man has been in France with school this week and I've found it quite hard ( ...yup, I am that wimpy mummy that hides all my tears and worries of him pootling off to France with school for the week until he drives off on the coach and then I totally loose it :( ) so a little tiddly inking was a big welcome distraction!! and this Annabelle and puppy love image is just sooooo cute for that!!

Since my mini boob op I have not been allowed to walk any of my pawsy peeps and of course, the lymph node op has popped that back even more now but I am lucky because my BF and gorgeous hubby have been taking me for a walk when they walk the dogs which is always nice!! he he!! so colouring little pawsy peeps absolutely cheered me up!

By wednesday I was struggling with pain and my dressing so Scott rang the breast clinic and they asked for me to pop up as soon as he could get me there to get checked out. I thought the pain was friction burning due to a very ruffled up dressing under my arm. You see, it's a really tricky place to try and dress really because I am a sweaty kinda chick! and I thought the pain in my arm was my arm sticking/rubbing on the dressing.

My amazing dressing nurse, Charlotte, was on it like a hotcake and took off the old dressing and steristrips to have a good look! and she was so pleased with my wound again!! she said it looked wonderful and didn't even need another set of steristrips putting on. As usual I got Scott to snap you all a quick piccy. When I looked in the mirror I actually struggled to even work out where my incision is!!

So after a good clean and another big dressing popped over the top it was good to go.

The pain in my arm, she explained, is actually real pain!! lol!! it's due to the surgeon having to kind of route around to find the right lymph nodes lit up by the special injection and then separate them from the spaghetti junction of other bits and bobs in there!!! so back to the painkillers ( I swear, I actually rattle when I walk!!!!!) being taken regularly.

And today is going to be such a good day because my little man will be home around 6:30pm ish. I seriously cannot wait! I have seen pictures of him the school have popped on twitter and it felt so good to see his little face all happy and him enjoying himself, such a lifesaver for mummy's on edge!!!!! 

Have a super great day everyone, huge hugs for you all and thank you for popping in, Lou xxxx

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Cutest bunch of buddies ever!!........

Image- Back to School from Tiddly Inks.
Alphabet paper-Steampunk paper pack from Tiddly Inks.
Blackboard paper from Tiddly Inks.
Sentiment- Plot Twist from Taylored Expressions.
Hi everyone!

Well we've been up since 3am in the Daubney house due to having a 'nervous/excited about his trip to France next week' Mo!!! so we went and did a bit of shopping early, got a scrummy bacon sandwich and a cup of tea for breakfast and then home again in time to have a lovely play. I have had a couple of days of feeling yucky so it feels so good to feel a little more Lou-ish today!!

Mo 'neeeeeeeded' a 'cosy and hidey kinda place to live in today' so I constructed him a little blanket and towel den to play in and then it was time for mummy to play with one of the scrumptiously cute new releases from Tiddly Inks!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!! I love them all but the little gang of buddies was just irresistible!! I adore it!!

Last night when I felt quite yuck I took the time to merge the gang onto the Alphabet paper from the Steampunk paper pack and print it out and then it came to bed with me and sat and coloured for a spell before laying down to sleep. It really cheered me up so much (...I am actually quite hopeless at this resting thing so Scott was quite pleased to send me under the duvet with my pens and paper!!!!). And I do love my new duck duvet cover so I went happily!! he he!!

I went with a sentiment that kinda sums up how I feel teachers should teach, with happiness and positivity and help to make everyone feel just as important as everyone else.

Right, time to go, Little Man is requiring tiger french bread from asda with butter on and I quite fancy some myself!!!!!! Thank you for popping in
Hugs Lou xxx

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Unsung Hero....

Image- Unsung Hero.
Morning everyone!!

It's that Mo's Dream Team blog hop time of the month again and I just know this one is going to be so much fun!! 

So you may of guessed that our theme for this month is Easter! I LOVE easter. It's such a special time of the year. 

Just incase you get lost along the way, here is the hop run order...

Don't forget there are two $5 gift vouchers to spend in Mo's shop to be drawn from the participating Dream Team Designers comments so... make sure you pop in and comment on everyone's post for the blog hop to be in with the chance to win!!!

I chose to use the egg-cellent new image, Unsung Hero.This image just makes me smile so very much....and fall about laughing too! I think she did a super job getting those eggs laid ready for the easter bunny!!

This card is..of course!!...for my Little Man. He is just getting to that age where there mere mention of a swear word is so hilariously funny and he knows to change it to make it ok to say it (......sigh!!!....we've all been there right parent peeps??) so this card will be just right for him and added shaker card fun with the little egg shapes and beads is too good to miss!!! he he!!

Yesterday I had my lymph node operation. The surgeon was able to take 2 lymph nodes from the magic radio injection (...sadly I have still not had my Marvel powers from this injection activate.....x-ray vision is certainly not working but I am still hopeful for Levitation and Fireball Throwing hands to come in...none of the Marvel Hero's got it to work on the day they got it right??!!!) So I am very sore and a bit tired but plodding on through in the normal Lou way!!!
Right, enough Lou waffle!! go get hopping peeps!! huge hugs Lou xxx

Monday, 13 March 2017

Serious Sharon.........

Image- Serious Sharon.
Hi everyone!

I'm in with my Dream Team post for you today and I was very much in a make for me mood last week.I love that kind of creative time. It's good to take time for yourself and reflect on stuff going on around you in a creative and fun way.

So I just had to go with Serious Sharon. She was just perfect for me with her little cancer ribbon extra. I so meant to use her sentiment too because I have been so blessed with such beautiful cards and gifts from my amazing friends but when it got to putting it on the card I just didn't want to add it so I popped it inside for the greeting.

Last thursday night I felt a little bit yucky and sore around Nipple Island and noticed a bit of a change in the wound around there. Some sneaky little Infection Invaders had to decided to set up camp and try and start a party in there!! well, I was having none of that thank you very much!! so I poped off the the Drs on Friday to see the wound nurse (...luckily I spoke to my Dr in a triage call before I went so he had printed me out a fabulous Invader Eradication prescription!) 

The nurse took a peek and sure enough, the party had begun but luckily it was still in its early stages and those little invaders were so busy setting up camp still they didn't realise I was on it! Go me!! so a couple of uncomfortable days and that lovely queasy sick feeling you get from antibiotics later I think they have been defeated! Go Lou's body and the huge red and black invader busting tablets!!!!!!

Today I am pootling off to visit the nurse again to have my bloods taken again to check again for damage to my organs due to the pesky blood pressure but it's just a precaution the Dr is taking to keep an eye on me and work out my blood pressure medication levels so nothing to worry about there...apart from the vampires.....he he he!!! so I am going to treat myself to a lovely walk to the surgery. Its about 2 miles and it looks lovely out there today so a walk will be most welcome!!

Thank you for popping in , Huge Hugs Lou xxxx

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tiddly Inks challenge #199....Animal Magic

Image- Dog Days.
Dies- Blueprints 1.

It's time for another fun challenge over on the Tiddly Inks Challenge Blog and it's time for some fluffy cuteness!!! the Tiddly Inkers want you to think.....

Animal Magic!

 So use your animal instincts!!
use any Tiddly Inks animal image
 (Cats-birds-dogs..anything with an animal in) 
 (**remember...We love to see any new creation, a card, 3D project, journal page etc 
but you must use a Tiddly Inks stamp or image **)

I just couldn't resist animal magic of the woofy kind! well, lets face it, dogs are super cute! I know I wouldn't be without my pair of nutters even if they do eat socks and can sniff a packet of cheese opening from deep slumbers and a million miles away!!!!

A squidge of merging fun and all 3 were lined up and ready for some colouring action! Blueprints 1 is still one of my absolute fave die sets to go for when I am making a card, it really is one of the best sets MFT did and the little elements that come with it are just perfect for sentiments.

I sized and printed out my sentiment and then simply stuck the little stitched circle over the printed out sentiment and plopped it through the printer again! easy peesy but oh sooo cute!!

Right, I had better pootle off! I have 2 little bunny rabbits out in my back garden looking at me from their run for some out in the garden time!! they love their freedom time and although it's a little frosty out there this morning, there's a beautiful sun coming up so I'm happy to indulge them in some binky time!!

Thank you for popping in on me, Huge hugs Lou xxx

Monday, 6 March 2017


Image- Trixie.
Morning everyone!

I hope you are all waking up to a magical monday!! I am just sat at my pooter with a lovely cup of tea and 3 gingernut biscuits. It is my little monday treat while I type up this bloggy post of the super cute Trixie.

She was the card for my BFF's other twin ( from my Dixie post last week). And Trixie was Just right for Myla! Myla has a tiara and cinderella glittery pale blue heeled play shoes that she wears all the time. I was so excited when Maurie drew these because they really couldn't of been more perfect and the twins mummy LOVED them too!

Time for a Lou health update! I think I'm doing really well. The wounds and bruising are looking so very much better and the best thing of all is that my little 'Nipple Island' seems to be thriving quite happily. 

That is a really, really great thing as the skin that they attempt to do this with can die off so the fact that it has bruised and is now getting more pinky-ish shows that its getting a bit of a blood supply to it and healing very well! Go Nipple Island!!

The itchy-ness seems to be a lot better today too, though I am still very much getting used to that 'out of the dressings and plomped into a bra' feel. Here is how mini boob is looking right now..

Pretty good I think for 19 days worth of healing!! Now it should just about stop itching by the time I go to get my lymph nodes done on the 15th right? he he he!!!

Right, time for me to pootle off. I need to blog this cutie over on the Dream Team blog and finish off this cuppa!! Have a great day everyone and thank you for popping in on me
Hugs Lou xx

Friday, 3 March 2017

Molly Swims.........

Image- Molly Swims.
Morning all!! 

I hope you are all waking up to a fabulous friday kinda feeling. Scott was poorly in the night and I was kinda uncomfortable so we both look like zombies!!! lol!!!!!! but its friday so whoot whoot!!!!!!! he he!!

Yesterday I let myself have some me time and it felt soooo good. I baked and I made a card and that was about the full sum of my day but it was a goooooood day and I absolutely adored my card so I am sharing it with you all today!

This image is such a cutie, she just makes me smile with her little rubber ring and duckie and who doesn't dream of those happy summer days when its a bit mehhhhhh outside !! (...not actually looking much better today either!! its all grey out there!!).

The sentiment is one of my golden oldie Stampin Up ones,Whimsical Words. It's such a fun little set but I think it's retired now. I cut out a couple of the little clouds from my scrap DP and popped them up on some foam, they look soooo cute!!! 

Right, I need a cup of tea. To say I am uncomfortable and itchy today may be an understatement, I think I kinda preferred everything all covered up with dressings!! at least it didn't hurt when I can't resist the urge to itch!!! lol!! Learning process for today will be 'Breath through the itch, Let it float away gently'...whilst sitting on hands and screaming OMG it's sooooo itchy to Scott who is trying to work!!!! lol!!!!!

Huge hugs and love, Lou xxxx

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Dixie....... and a Lou results update!!

Image- Dixie.

Its that time of the month again where a fab new challenge pops up on the DP2 challenge blog. And, as always, its time to explore your Mo's Digital Pencil images in your own way!! its.....

 Anything Goes with a Mo Image

                             Winners prize: a $5.00 voucher for Mo's online store.

Remember to follow Mo's Challenge Rules ...
use at least one Mo Manning image...
NEW creations only! (No back linking)...
And, please, only ONE entry per person!

Of course, I had to use my 2 delicious new twins that Maurie drew for me, they were just so perfect in every way (I'll share the other one on monday for my dream team make day!! he he!!).

So, Little Lou update for those following my Paget's Disease of the Breast cancer womble!! I got my results yesterday and in true Lou wasn't quite what I was expecting! (...well..let's face it, it would be sooo boring if things were easy peesy right?!!).

So, the breast tissue they took out from mini boob had good margins of clear, there was 16mm of yucky stuff. So mini boob is good and I don't have to have anything else done to it, which is awesome because it has healed very nicely on the wounds (...even though it is sooo itchy I need a scratchin' post!!!). My little 'nipple island' is absolutely fine which is wonderful because there is always a risk that pulling that flap of skin over and down and making it a neat little circle won't work but it has done so Yey Nipple Island!!!

But...there's always a but right? (...Lou asks self why it isn't a Dwayne Johnson butt, now that I would like...!!!)  there was a 3mm of invasive cancer so I have to go back in and have another operation to remove a few lymph nodes and get them checked out to see if the cancer has gone 'on tour' before they decide on the next bit.To do this they inject a lovely special dye (...alas...into my mini boob so that the dye flows into the lymph nodes leading up from where the cancer has made itself a little campsite..!!). That dye lights up a few lymph nodes so that when they shine the magic pen on them when I am opened up a little under my arm they can see which ones to pinch! We shall therefore call them the Lymph Node Looters from here on in!!! then it's just another little wait to see how the results come back for that job!

My fabulous team were chatting about me on monday my consultant said yesterday!! He said I will most likely be having chemotherapy for 6 months and then onto my radiotherapy due to my age but I am ok with it. I don't mind trying anything because I need to be a trail blazer for y'all right now!! he he!!

Right, got to go! I have a crafty kinda feeling today and while Scott is taking Mo to school and fetching me a few bits to bake some cakes with today I am going to make a little card I think.

Thank you for popping in on me,Huge hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Map Kid.........

Image- Map Kid from Kenny K stamps.
Morning all!!

its gone all quiet in the house, Pancakes have been made and schnaffled up by pancake nappers and the Little Man has gone off on the school run with Daddy so I have got 5 mins before I run myself a puddle of a bath to have a very careful wash in (..oh how I dream of lovely bubbly baths and luxurious soap bars ...alas...not allowed those so puddle of a bath it is!!!).

Yesterday I was beat after a super fun day on sunday ( by beat I mean I woke up and could swear a 10 tonne train had driven into the right hand side of my body in a big way...36 holes of mini golf when you are right handed and just had 3/4 f your right breast removed probably wasn't my best thinking but it was uber fun and totally didn't hurt at the time...!!!!). Scott, who is working from home for a couple of weeks, made me rest....mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

So I was wombling around facebook and I saw the Kenny K feb challenge still had a little time to run and I thought ooh perfect!! an escape from the doldrums! so I printed out my Map Kid image and made a card for the Little Man who is going to France on a school trip for the week soon (...........unless mummy can think of a really really good excuse for him not to go!!! bwah ha ha ha!! but he is excited about it so the mummy big girl pants of hiding her fears have been on sonce he brought the letter home....sigh....!!).

I included a few little tags I cut out from the DP stack I used to make the card, I wrote the date he is going on one of them ( know..just to torture myself a little more everytime I look at it!!! bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!).But I do so love this image, it so reminds me of Bation lying in the attic reading the Neverending Story so I inked some clouds on the background of the image mat so the little guy looks like he is travelling off into the book.

Right a bath is calling me. No deodorant or soap for the last 2 weeks is reallllllly beginning to make me feel yuck now!!!!! to the point where you rinse yourself with your flannel and water, being very careful not to drip any water on your dressings and then sniff yourself afterwards and still feel like you smell sweaty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well!! hopefully not much longer of this to go! its results day tomorrow at 3:45pm so I am going to ask my consultant a few questions (...mainly when can I use soap and deodorant again and when can I get back to walking dogs please?!!!!!!!).

Huge hugs and thank you's for popping in on me
Lou xxx

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Time for tea?.................

Image- Three for Tea.
Morning everyone!

I've been busy getting ready for the influx of mini peeps birthdays going on all around me!! he he!!! I am, of course, in total denial that they are all getting this big so quick but luckily Maurie's super images over at Mo's Digital Pencil are just perfect for them in so many ways!!

For this one I used one of the little girls and the tray of scrummy cupcakes from the Three for Tea set. I merged the little tray so it was just snuggled right up to her dress (...because who would want to share a tray of scrummy cupcakes?!!!!!).

So, time for a Lou update!! he he!! Friday was my wound review and re dress and I was sooo nervous about it but do you know, after all those nerves it was actually a lot less painful than the first time. Super yey!!! and the nurse was really, really pleased with how my wounds are looking so the streristrips were removed and the wounds cleaned thoroughly with the iodine stuff again but it wasn't quite as stingy. So, here is me...
 The bruising is so much better now, like a yellowy pinky rainbow but almost gone. I know when I posted it on facebook this piccy caused a little confusion as a couple of friends messaged me to say how lucky I was to have just the little cut around my nipple and down the front of my mini boob but there is actually a very big cut underneath too!! so here's a piccy to help to see that....

I am so uber duber proud of my little Lou body for healing the surgery sites so nicely though, it really has done me proud. I am still sore and I have got to that wonderful ooooooooh I gotta itch stage!!!! but that's all good apparently so go Little Lou body!!! there are just a few more days to go until I get my full results. I get those on wednesday afternoon so I'll let you all know how it went.

Today has been all about showing our Little Mo how very special he has been over the last couple of weeks.His half term holidays consisted mummy having a huge op so he really didn't get to do much. He really has been a superstar. He has been so helpful, gentle and so understanding beyond his years so today we whisked him away to Nottingham to do a few of his favourite things and give him a Mo choose day!! we went to the Lost City adventure golf, had pudding before lunch and then Mo chose a Branch (from the movie Trolls) teddy from Build a bear factory. He loved it and he so deserved it bless him. He fell asleep on the way home so an 'all about me day' was clearly exhausting!!! he he he!!

Right, time to scoot, this Lou needs a cuppa and a little bit of pain relief (...that will hopefully stop the itching too!!!) 

Thank you so much for popping in on me,Huge hugs Lou xxx